exhibition opening 12 nov 2010 8 pm
the "MOTULORS_Collapsible Playground" is an event-sculpture-installation offering a new and intriguing interpretation of everyday korean street culture. the project consists of 24 inflatable signboards named MOTULORS and used as a pneumatic collapsible playground. The MOTULORS are augmented “modulor”, an updated version of the proportional system proposed by Le Corbusier to harmonize citizens and cities.

at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE the Collapsible Playground will occupy the main space and during the opening will be animated by an AirJ to the rhythm of a dub dj while the MOTULORS will stretch into the four window booths to embody the inflating/deflating energy that brings and takes away life into super-DENSE Korean cities. MOTOELASTICO's design philosophy is based on "dub architecture", a concept that translates the meditative musical hybridity of jamaican dub music into architecture and design.

"in our design we like using everyday objects we collect along our ongoing exploration path here in Korea, and then displace them using them with a different function. we do it the same way dub mixes the original ingredients of a tune, underlining the contrast, saturating the flavors. the dub version is a copy transformed by new technology, with echo and reverb, as warhol copies it reproduces a unique original in altered series. we enjoy manipulating history, not erase it and we do it with the same confidence of a gardener who prunes the tall historical-speculation branches, who dares to graft prothesis, sounds, materials, functions and unexpected colors. it is not “brutalism”, because the original rhythm and harmony are reinvigorated to become the central spine of the new version. old and new are mixed and integrated, but they are still recognizable at the contact point, where the contrast is enhanced." (artists' statement)

exhibition period: 12 nov – 20 nov 2010

supported by: Embassy of Italy / Italian Cultural Institute-Seoul