MUMBAI · Sasha Perera, PLATOON member #3209 and singer of Berlin's super trio Jahcoozi, a.k.a. DJ Mother Perera is doing a short tour in Asia. so far she played in Mumbai, Delhi and in Bangalore.

her very special experience was to play in the Tihar prison (largest in South asia) in Delhi, where she grabbed the mic together with the bboy kids from SlumGods. they played to male prisoners, who are waiting up to five years for their trial. 

the idea is to raise cash to build studios for the prisoners. a band from the prison played too. "spending five years waiting for so-called justice can be made a little easier if you can make tunes. i hear that," Sasha said.

Mother Perera gave also an interesting interview for Indian-Polish blog Imported Go(o)ds. here is a short teaser.

IMPORTED GO(O)DS: if we’re not mistaken, this is at least your second visit to India? last time was in november 2011 with the full Jahcoozi trio, and now you’ve been on a short solo run DJ’ing. how’s India treating you?

SASHA PERERA: i love coming to India! although the truth is that i have a love-hate relationship with India – love the vibes but hate the elitism and the skin and vagina bleaching wash! it was great to play here for the first time in november – i’d never played for a whole club of South Asians who look like me. of course, clubs in India tend to be much more elite than in Europe and Berlin in particular. a drink costs about 3 times the price that it does in Berlin and for us it’s very odd to find ultra posh lobster restaurants in clubs here. we never play in places like that in Europe but we were playing at the Blue Frog in Mumbai and I swear people were eating lobster! i’m patient though and i wanna play here nonetheless. hopefully there is gonna be more music and less lobster here at some stage!

read the full interview.