Off of the greens and onto the streets, urban golfing (or “crossgolf”) is an underground sport growing in popularity worldwide since 1992, and the brainchild of inventor Torsten Schilling.

With Natural Born Golfers, Schilling leads a crew of adventurers dismantling what some would call a yuppie, elitist sport, turning industrial complexes, high-rise buildings, and more into your next eighteen holes. In their street-legal golf carts, instructors for hire help you navigate the city in an entirely new way—sometimes leading to much larger events with dozens of participants, bands, and some real rock ‘n’ roll flavor.In fact, Schilling’s Natural Born Golfers parties led to the creation of their very own, eponymous vodka brand. An independent distillery made with grains from the north of Germany, created in small batches, they’re even resolutely independent about the way they unwind after a long day on the links and a few golf cart crashes. And if that weren’t enough, Schilling tops it all off at Le Bums, the secret vodka bar in the left back container of PLATOON KUNSTHALLE Berlin’s shipping container space. You need a password to get in, but once you do, you enter the world of Natural Born Golfers—sport, music, and fashion.