this year the G-8 summit takes place in heiligendamm , from june 06. to 08. some organizations want to demonstrate against the politic of the world richest states for a global world.

the same themes, but only in german interests, utilize the radical-right left party for themselves.
germany´s Neo-Nazis are using anti-capitalist rhetoric and start mobilizing to protest against the upcoming G-8 meeting in june. the police fear that there could be clashes between the extreme-right NPD and radical far-left groups also gathering to protest against the summit.

now the other groups, who call out for demonstrations against the G8, have to cope with some problems. first they run up in preparation of the ngo´s, who want to twice the ministery of interior orders many house-searchings and detains of peoples. but the anxiousness of the population was not as much as you think. even this days an ex-minister of the conservative-party accede to attac. he advises against the demage of democracy, through all the requirements who don´t guarantee the demonstration-rights.

in the blind right eyes of the government, the neo-nazis can unhurriedly arrange their own great demonstration, while other groups have problems to demonstrate - against the nazi´s or against the g8 summit.
perhaps it´s the best, to let the nazis demonstrate alone. in this time it´s not the first of national problems, it´s more important that many many people go to rostock on 2nd june. then the g8 states have a sign, that the population not agree.