on Nov. 7, last saturday, NIGHT FLEA MARKET vol. 3 took the place at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE. this is the 3rd time holding this event in coorperation with bling magazine and it seems like the market flourishes each time with more of eye-catching unique items and fascinating people.

sellers displaying items and getting excited waiting for the buyers.

a crowd of people surging into the place. with this kind of crowd, here is a shopping tip: being spontaneous is a way to go!

this time, there were lots of handmade accessories in comparison to past ones. very delicate!

say kimchi! having fun girls?

bridget martin playing her song with tim. she has such a soft voice.

after sellers left, we started playing 땅따먹기; ground of conquer game in english?

our favorite djs! baya and shannon. guess who's hiding behind baya; kinda obvious.

it gets better and better! cannot wait for the next flea market in december.