hello everybody out there,

last week i had a nice meeting with codec from the pfadfinderei in beijing.

a few weeks ago neebing from old town beijing asked us if we were interested in a new hotel-project.

so they invited us to come over to have a meeting with the client an everybody who is involved in the project.

from the first moment we thought about graft as a partner for the interiour-design or rather as an architect´s office.

we asked them and they confirmed it. so i flew over from seoul to beijing and met them allready. it´s a really nice project. let´s see.... more later;-)

it was super funny with gregor and codec. we had a lot of fun and interesting talks.

and we met the manager from "the place". a brand new shopping-mall with a huge led-screen about a 250 meter length. really massive.....

and now they are looking for the right content.;-) it look´s like that is the real playground for the pfadfinderei.......

the last night codec and me went out to have a look to the beijing-clubscene witch we allready scanned in october last year.

and factual we met a guy who looked really tall beside codec.;-) it was the doorman from the club.

it was a funny night. at the end i missed my flight in the morning and changed me schedule so codec and me catched a taxi to the airport together. allready arrived at the airport the nightmare for me started. i lost all me documents in the taxi. passport, visa, tickets, money, everything.

i reconised it immediately and started a fast run behind the taxi to catch it. but it was to late. so all my stuff was gone. thank god that codec got the receipt from the taxi.

so i went to the policestation and at least it takes 30 minutes and all stuff arrived back at the airport. what a shock.... there is one thing i learned from this story: if you are in that kind of trouble, don´t hesitate to go to the police. they have so much power in china. it´s amazing.

thank´s again to neebing. he really hosted us well in beijing and it seems like this is the begining of a great friendship.

in the meantime i arrived well back in seoul.

more about seoul in the next days. it is great to be back here, super hosting, meeting many famous people here and we are looking forward about what´s happend in the future.

stay tuned......