our Chilean PLATOON.MEMBER Gonzalo Rabanal #3084, sent us a message today asking for support...

Dear Friends:
Thank you very much to all of you who have either called or written us to know about our situation after the enormous cataclism (giant earthquake) we lived here in Chile. In Santiago the situation is almost controlled but in the regions at the south of Santiago, our brothers from Maule’s region and Bio Bio’s region are still suffering the effects of this devastation: they live desolation, uncertainty and chaos. They are with no food, no water, no power, no medicines, no hospitals because were collapsed. etc.
Against this background I can say that we are experiencing the grief and the shock of emotional and spiritual distress that will extend until everything return to calm. Because the destruction of this tragedy has left many separated from their loveones and fractured with their family’s reality. This mourning has stripped us of our future dreams and interrupts our future’s plans, just suddenly. What is was is no longer, is not anymore. What we conceived yesterday today is not supported. Our lives have changed irreparably , while the rest of the world progresses, our has been arrested and gone down. Finally I want to say that this experience is further proof of courage and strength of human spirit and reminds us the fragility of life.
We could lose a lot of material things, we came down many dreams, we dropped our houses, but we have not dropped our arms.
We will go ahead!! …. with the high spirit in the face of adversity. I invite all friends, artists and performers to join us in this campaign and working with this crusade to help the thousands of Chileans who have lost everything after this terrible tragedy. Following, you will find some addresses and telephon numbers in order to collect donations.
Efforts are well underway to support the recovery in Chile from this earthquake. Some of these are directed to regional man power needs.

Greetings from Gonzalo Rabanal #3084.
Chile DEFORMES coordinator.

DONATIONS or write to culloa@caritaschile.org

if you want to contribute with your KNOW-HOW and creative solutions... get in touch with Gonzalo!