what’s going on in austria????
here a tip for my part …

annual convention for digital arts and cultures
september 13 – 23 / vienna, austria

the topic of the 2nd annual festival in vienna is 'UN_SPACE'. between the ars electronica festival and the steirischer herbst, PARAFLOWS is a fairly new, but really recommendable, festival. it functions as a platform for the local net art & culture scene and as an interface to the more famous domestic international positions within media art.

the festival title 'UN_SPACE' shows the exploration of inaccessible, invisible, theoretical and immaterial spaces. it’s a matter of spaces, which are physical unseizable – or more precisely it’s about unseen, immaterial and theoretic spaces.

an worth seeing project will be jacob kirkegaard’s (denmark) examination with spaces in prohibited zones of tschernobyl. by means of an audiovisiual installation it’s possible to get – acustcal and visual – an insight in those prohibited zones, which are closed since the tschernobyl-disaster in 1986. about 30 kilometres around the atomic power plant is closed since more than 20 years and deserted.

further interesting projects:

interfaces of sea – shows the sea as media for data transfer – e.g. by sonar-technology (at quartier21)

exhibitions at CAT (contemporary art tower)

workshops by metalab vienna

altogether 25 impressive projects are shown at MAK (flakturm arenberg) in vienna - and every night: concert/party!