we´ve been invited to stage Pecha Kucha at '9to5.wir nennen es arbeit' festival!

motto of the evening: weltverbesserung, or: making the world a better place.

the festival program starts at 9pm. apart from Pecha Kucha, there will be discussion panels, screenings, lectures, music... until next day 5 am and longer!!

st RADIALSYSTEM V, Holzmarktstrasse 33 (near Ostbahnhof)

Start 10pm(on time!)|All day festival ticket: €22,- | reduced price: €20,-

provisional list of presenters:

-Ralf Steeg (about the initiative SPREE2011)

-Nicole Rüdiger (about the alternative pornomag Jungsheft)

-Will Bradley (about the danish artist group Superflex)

-Heiko Michels (about occult economies. the business model of Weinerei)

-Berhard Strecker (about the campaign against large-scale pig farms in the Uckermark 'Free the Pigs')

-Jens Thiel (about the worldwide success of the functional monoblock chair)

-Ingo Niermann (about a suggestion for a simplification of the german Language, Redeutsch)

-Markus Beckedahl (about the web portalNetzpolitik.org)

-Regine Debatty (about art and biotechnology)

-Tom Hansing (about the school with the bad image and it´s own fashion label)

-Jakob Hüfner (about the attempt to build time)

-Ansgar Oberholz (about creating the perfect semi-public space)

presented by Pecha Kucha Berlin, http://pechakucha.de
Pecha Kucha or 20/20: fast, furious, fun, information

next regular Pecha Kucha is coming up at the end of september! the exact date will be announced soon!

if you want to be a presenter at one of our next Pecha Kucha Nights Berlin, please send an email with the subject "PechaKuchaNight Presenters" to curators@pechakucha.de

Pecha Kucha Team Berlin
Joachim Stein, Iepe Rubingh, Nadine Freischlad