last week the first pechakucha night seoul of this year took place in the house club m2. here are some of the highlights:

yong kwan presented a project called syllabrick, basically modular toy figures. the form of the modules is based on a linguistic research of phonemes of the korean language. he digged deeply, tracing its historical roots of hangul that at the same time represents the phonetic language and the cosmological relation between humans and the universe.

kim mujun has a passion for baseball fields, swimming pools, track fields and soccer fields. in a moment of boredom he looked for baseball fields, swimming pools etc. in google earth, collected them and turned his fascination into pieces of art, strict formal abstractions of such athletic areas.

my personal favourite was the presentation of the chill magazine, one of seoul's freshest underground magazines. so far three issues have been published, dealing with the city of seoul and the elderly. to be honest, i forgot what the last issue was about, but i love it for the diy 3d glasses...

next time we will introduce the KUNSTHALLE.seoul project so stay tuned ^^