IEPE #3319 invites you to the next Pecha Kucha Night in Berlin!

Pecha Kucha Night is an event in which presenters give brief presentations accompanied by 20 images, each of which is shown for 20 seconds. presenters are usually from the design, architecture, photography, art, music and other creative fields. giving a total presentation time of 6 minutes 40 seconds for each speaker, it's hard to get bored.

on tuesday, 03/02/2009 Pecha Kucha will be back at
Festsaal Kreuzberg.
doors open at 7:30PM, starts at 8:20PM.
entrance: 6 Euro

the PechaKucha team welcomes Matthias Böttger of Raumtaktik as their guest curator. after he and his partner Friedrich von Borries received some recognition for putting together the German contribution to last year's Architecture Biennale in Venice, they thought it was time for a real challenge.

preliminary list of presenters:
* Péter Palátsik /Regisseur: from Haiti to Hollywood.
a brief cultural story of zombies and other undead
* Dr. Steffen Kepper/Pilot: pinch-hitting in aviation
* Annique Delphine /photographer: what am i? what am i doing here?
* Kirsten Seeligmüller/Dance Theatre Director: real estate development
* Ole Laux /physics teacher: the big, the small and the human spirit
* Jakob Preuss/Dokumentarfilmer: election monitor in Congo
* Stephen Kovats / art director of transmediale: volatility
* Ludwig Engel / futurologists and musicians: (self)fridges
* Daniel Kruse: contribution journey southamerica

one more thing:
the IT fare CeBIT in Hannover this year is worth a trip not only for hopeless nerds, but also for ordinary urban people like us: on March 5th a Pecha Kucha event will take place at CeBIT. we will communicate the exact time, the location and the list of speakers short termed. the topic of this year's edition of CeBIT is "Webciety" – the techie fare has finally reached us all.

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