Tomorrow, on Tuesday 31th of august 2010 Pecha Kucha Vol.20@Festsaal Kreuzberg.

doors open at 19:30, starts at 20:20.
Entrance: 6 Euro
Address: skalitzer 130

Preliminary list of presenters:

Durch die Welt mit Visuals. Eine kleine Reise auf den Fersen der Pfadfinderei
(Speech in german)

*Tobias Mannewitz, Co-Founder, Managing Director, Concept Art | Illustration
"Digital Pitfalls (and how to avoid them)"
- How to move to the Netherlands- Why I don't like Rembrandt as a painter
- The difference between Interactivity and Interaktivität
- Why games are not art (yet)
- Squids
(Speech in english)

*Gabriel Shalom, Videomusician
A Hypercubist Manifesto
Drawing inspiration from video games, computers and the Internet, the current generation of videomakers has a decidedly different relationship to moving images.
(Speech in english)

*Edial Dekker, Creative Director/Your Neighbours
What role does data play in people's everyday lives?
The influence of data on urban planning, tourism, sociology, the environment, infrastructures, transportation, socioeconomics, etc.
(Speech in english)

*Jevgeni Beliaikin, founder/socialvodka
The cultural flush
Why do we drink alcohol? Where ist the alcohol coming from? What kind of degenerate alcoholic drinks exist? And how did they ever came into being?
(Speech in german)

*Kristofer Lamey, industrial designer and artist
Are the forms in your everyday environment serving you or are you serving them? What is the meaning of sustainability in serving form? Furthermore, how can modern manufacturing technologies reduce the size of the carbon foot print on the forms we purchase in the marketplace?
(Speech in english)

*Alexander Ziemann, Rechtsanwalt, Bürgerinitiative Gasometer Schöneberg
(Speech in german)

*Robert Ullrich, Abteilungsleiter Wirtschaftsförderung/Stadtplanung, Stadt Monheim am Rhein
Planning Laws for Fieldhamsters - Entering guide for the National Citizen. The Sumpfgimpelpaar (?), which was supposed to be seen, drove half a city to dislocate about 500 meters.
(Speech in german)

*Ulrich Weichert, Photograph, Bildredaktion beim Bundespresseamt
DDR 1990
(Speech in german)

*Geza Schön, Parfumeur, Escentric Molecules
Zwei Olfaktorische Kurztrips
(Speech in english)

*Hans Rauffauf, Entrepreneur,
The Good Entrepreneur
(Speech in german)

*Friedrich Liechtenstein, Entertainer und Flaneur
Plan A/Algae
Prospects of the algae and the combination with
as a LifeSuvivalArtProject
(Speech in german)

Pecha Kucha Night is an event in which presenters give brief presentations accompanied by 20 images, each of which is shown for 20 seconds. Presenters are usually from the design, architecture, photography, art, music and other creative fields. Giving a total presentation time of 6 minutes 40 seconds for each speaker, it's hard to become bored.

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