Carnival time. We are in the state of Morelos, just few hours from Mexico City, in a region where the usual heat and rivers are welcoming and heartwarming. Around midnight, Perera Elsewhere, with full band, are preparing their instruments. They are performing at a stage called La Estación, located over a pool on the side of the river in which all the carnival takes place. Sasha performs with a perfect domain of the stage, creating a dynamic ritual with her band. Trumpets played by Perera exalt the tropical atmosphere. We are at Carnaval Bahidorá, a young but already established festival that every year delivers a clean and visionary program. Realized in a natural park called Las Estacas that used to be a Hacienda Zapatista in times of the Mexican Revolution it holds nowadays  a natural park, which main attractions are around 40 spring waters, extending in a circuit of rivers of about one kilometer. Along the river, a world of activities is set during the carnival, from food courts to Art&Crafts shops. On top, this Festival has a commitment: Carbon emissions are regulated paying off nature what is taken, in order to make a festival for 15,000 people possible.
The impeccable organizer of this yearly encounter is  Distrito Global, a collective of producers and visionaries, behind several distinguished projects in Mexico, also members of Platoon - The Global Creative Alliance.

JAM 010 //
The second performance of Sasha, was in Mexico City, this time joining in solo mode the Jam010 of our friends and colleagues from ENSAMBLE. They met in Berlin few months ago, and since then they were working on this to happen. Thanks also of the support of Uchi Derre Tida it was a great success. We were there in the front  line and it was a blast! The Line Up was perfectly balanced between females and male artists :rRoxymore, Baby Vulture, No Light and Mosca. Plenty styles  with different nuances and rhythms. The party was enhanced by a sleek screen installation by Pac Interactive.

Also check the Interview with Sasha Perera with Noisey mx (in Spanish)