WE DID IT AGAIN: PHOXXI - a new big container art space for Hamburg!
Over the course of one year we developed and realized a new temporary container museum for Deichtorhallen Hamburg presenting the »PHOXXI«, the Temporary House of Photographyf or the next 4 years.
We remodeled and extended our last project HAMMERBROOKLYN.BOXand created a new cultural landmark.The people love it already!

Starting fall 2021, the Deichtorhallen Hamburg opened »PHOXXI«, the Temporary House of Photography, a new exhibition venue in Hamburg. PHOXXI will present international contemporary positions in photography at the main branch of the Deichtorhallen, thus bridging the three-year period during which the southern hall, where the House of Photographyhas been located since 2005, will be closed for renovations.

The name »PHOXXI« comes from the artistic discipline of photography and the Roman numeral »XXI«, thus signifying a transformation of photography and the dialogue with contemporary conceptions of photography in the 21st century.

The 50-by-12.5-meter, multi-story building offers a total surface area of around 820 square meters to accommodate a large exhibition space, an auditorium, and office space.

If you are in Hamburg: Visit this new jewel of container architecture.