Light, flexible, inflatable, capable of odd shapes and sizes and temporary pneumatic environments—that’s Plastique Fantastique’s modus operandi.

The Berlin-based installation team, founded by Marco Canevacci, specializes in exactly the kind of temporary spaces their name implies. Their fantastical, futuristic, sometimes transparent plastic bubble constructions are filled with air to gain their true shape—often within an existing, more traditional structure for delightful contrast—for streamlined design and a charming kitsch. With dozens of different projects realized all over Europe since 1999, most of them site-specific, Plastique Fantastique are now renowned for their instantly recognizable work.As artists, Plastique Fantastique foreground dialogue about space, access, transition, and separation in an unusual architectural way. As public spaces, their installations retain elements of novelty and fun, making accessible, enjoyable attractions for visitors. But as an experimental realm or artistic pursuit, the potential for further usage in other, more pragmatic disciplines feels vast— it’s easy to envision their research being used in scientific and humanitarian causes. The implications for temporary spaces are enormous, and Plastique Fantastique are exploring many different aspects of it simultaneously.