The PLATOON ARTIST LAB enables selected PLATOON members to develop their own project or forge collaborations within the facilities of PLATOON KUNSTHALLE.

To date, we’ve hosted six different residencies, including Pussykrew’s video transformation of the KUNSTHALLE’s façade, Digital Fragments’ interactive multimedia installation and Simonne Jones’ interactive LED pictures. Each artist has come into our space for a length of time and worked with the PLATOON team for feedback and brainstorming, culminating in an exhibition or performance—usually site-specific to our unique container space.

The most recent ARTIST LAB resident Steffen Seeger’s work is a unique mixture of graffiti writing, illustration/graphic design and contemporary art. He created his very own one-line technique which also became the key artwork for PLATOON’s campaign for HUGO, RED NEVER FOLLOWS, at the Saatchi Gallery in London, 2013. His paintings and drawings offer complexity from the deceptively simple.

Seeger had a special project in mind for PLATOON KUNSTHALLE Berlin. His idea was to transform the striking glass façade into a burst of color and geometric design. After four weeks in the ARTIS LAB, we installed the results.