in may 2010, we were nominated for the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany. the award is considered to be the country‘s highest distinction in the field of design, given out by the German Design Council.

on the 11th of february 2011 we were invited to attend the ceremony (presented by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology) - 50 awards were available to be conferred, 25 for product and industrial design and 25 for communications design. PLATOON KUNSTHALLE was chosen from over 1500 submissions to receive one of the 39 silver awards.

from the press release:

'since 2006, the award has been presented annually and is given for outstanding achievements in the fields of product and communication design, as well as to a celebrity from the world of design and to up-and-coming new design talents.

its unique feature is that participation in this competition is possible only for design items that have already won an award elsewhere. this ensures that only those industrial products and such achievements in the field of communication design will be honoured, that have already proved their design excellence in the market place.

our congratulations go out to all other winners!