today started a new nationwide campaign for the introduction of a statutory minimum wage in germany: votes for the minimum wage“ by the workers unions ver.di and NGG

72% of voters in germany think it will be a very important topic during the election year 2009. regardless to which political party one belongs, a law for the minimum wage seems to be a pivotal topic for whoever aspires to become the next german chancellor.

the inauguration started with a press-photo in front of the parliament (reichstag), and culminated with a press-conference at the bundespressekonferez.

both chairmen of the trade-union behind the initiative, Frank Bsirske (ver.di) and Franz Möllenberg (NGG), were glad to open a new season of restless campaigning to finally introduce a law that should have actually been compulsory for ALL EU countries from the very beginning.

the new form taken by the campaign will give voters the chance to cast their own vote for the minimum wage through the „minimum wage ballot boxes“. the boxes will be sent throughout the country together with some special work-wear to be worn by activist on location.

the working uniforms visualize the professions that are often underpaid and exploited. these go from garbage collectors to security guards as from bakers to waiters.

this campaign is meant to enforce voters to make their voice heard and to exhort politicians to stand for a statutory minimum wage in germany, as there are far to many workers these days who dont manage to get to the end of the month with a decent wage.

here is the team working tireless to get this campaign are doing a great job!

see also the new campaigning website: