WE ARE HAPPY - it is done. PLATOON has a new area and a new address just around the corner from the old one:
10119 BERLIN

but that´s not enough: two more containers give us more space for an upcoming project we will realize this year. within the next few weeks we´ll be finishing the setting of the area.

first we had to remove some walls and shelters on the new area and prepare the whole space for the arrival of PLATOON. we really have to say THANK YOU to our new host ID&A Immobilien GmbH! we also have thank to our old hosts klaus engelbrecht-schnür and harm müller-spreer who let us their property for the last 5 years.

we signed the contract for the new area on thursday and 7 days later we moved! it has really been a hard work for everybody. first to mention is stefan and his crew.

the other important people on this mission were jürgen and manne from the street-construction company, who were accidentelly working in the neigbourhood on another building site and helped us with knowledge and heavy diggers.

we had to prepare fundaments in concrete in order to place a three-level container tower.

on friday we moved in during a 7 hour heavy-duty-action. everybody got soaked wet but in the end we had some bottles of champagne to celebrate the new area.

so everybody is now invited to come and have a look.
a new chapter begins!