after six month of being an artist in residence at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE E (lee, hyun joon) presents his work in his solo exhibition "supremacists salon". all of E’s works, whether it is performance, video work, multimedia installation or even a painting, speak the language of pop, which always tries to communicate with the masses. however, looking more closely into it there is always a disturbing energy that seems to clash with the shiny and amusing surface, which marks E’s uniqueness as an artist.

our artist in residence E worked out further aspects of a topic that he was always focused on - racism and its many forms and facets. where is the borderline of political correctness and when does it become an accessory of keeping an honorable face, while feeling superior? who will be truly free of any associations and prejudices, deeply rooted in society and individuals? these are only a few of the questions E tries to answer through his solo exhibition. the audience will be forced to take part in the experiment of communication through art pieces turn into everyday life objects, hidden accusations in playful messages, all-known categories of racism expressed as color synonyms. while doing this E doesn’t set himself any boundaries of expression. his project will be presented in the form of paintings, objects, multimedia installations and performances.but the most interesting part still remains the outcome of the experiment, being direct interaction and ad hoc dynamics created through the audience at the exact place of the exhibition.

exhibition opening with live performance: thu 19 aug · 7pm