as a part of the project "hub city of asian culture" KUNSTHALLE GWANGJU gives a preview on the cultural program and development to come with the completion of the asian culture center in the city of gwangju in 2014. with diverse events in cooperation with young creatives from korea and abroad, and exhibitions beyond the typical concept of galleries and museums, KUNSTHALLE GWANGJU offers a new way of experiencing culture: active involvement – not passive art consumption.

for the grand opening exhibition KUNSTHALLE GWANGJU is proud to present the worldwide first complete show of all works produced by swiss art group etoy.CORPORATION. etoy's activities deal with important aspects of life, such as life and death, money and games, supply and demand on the financial market, in a smart and playful way.

the art project etoy founded in 1994 came to its notorious reputation in the mid 90s through projects like the digital hijack (1.5 milion search engine users kidnapped in 1996) and the cultural battle with the only available artwork in the art market is the etoy.SHARE: unique swiss stock certificates that document etoy.HISTORY and represent the idea of sharing intangible assets such as knowledge, passion and cultural value.

all artworks ask for an active participation by the visitors. besides various performances with young local artists and lectures during the whole exhibition period, etoy will also present special projects, such as the encapsulation of a person from gwangju as a test pilot for the MISSION ETERNITY project or etoy.BROOD, where children can experience and play with artworks and become a part of an art project.

* opening time: 31 august 2010, 7 pm
* exhibition time: 31 august - 7 november
* opening hours: tue - sun, 10 am - 7 pm
* program: opening of etoy exhibition, with djs etoy.STYRO and etoy.PLAYLOVE and performance by etoy

hosted by: ministry of culture, sports and tourism, office for hub city of asian culture

organized by: PLATOON KUNSTHALLE, gwangju international center

supported by: pro helvetia, swiss embassy seoul, lista office, BERNINA, Liip