SEOUL · the mutual interest of tilman porschuetz’s works lies in the creation of social order, the interaction between the actors of society, and the exchange and dependencies between the sexes. during his residency at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE, the artist followed the traces of these issues, expressing and performing as a member of that same society.

“‘Arbeit’ was the first word I was able to read in Korean. A word for part time employment or prostitution in Korea, the word for work in German, and the word for slavery in ancient Greece. The traces I followed showed me various opinions, morales, defenses, and reflections, and it seems to be the motor and creator of our existence. ‘Wer rastet,
der rostet’ (literally in German: ‘The resting one will rust!’)

There are many different ways in which I tried to get closer to an understanding of what social responsibility and personal interest are. There are many different perspectives that I wanted to see, and many different approaches where I tried to show or simply tried to defend my very own way of life.

In this exhibition I want to give the visitor the opportunity to enter a playground of metaphors, research, documentation, fiction, spirituality, humor, and physical involvement. A short "trip" from which you will return in no way that I can predict or want. It is like the Disneyland version of a pilgrimage, the cleaning of the soul as monks would do, the
prophet going to the mountain, or the mountain coming to the prophet. A constant distancing and closing-back-in on society. A balance between alienation and fading into invisibility with nature.

I am asking for reasons of abstraction, I am asking for the perception of abstraction, but every person will eventually find its own questions on the journey they go on. My thoughts are the map, Platoon the aquarium, and you are the visitor that might ask itself: Am I not Jesus? Or, even more simple than that. What I bring to this selected elite is the research I made with people who never actually met.

What you will see:
a mountain that is hanging out in the city,
a forest that I disciplined myself,
a man asking for his place,
a grave,
Rodin's Eve,
no prostitutes as in such,
flying monkeys,
a guided path,
a neon yellow Buddhist unisex monk,
a scuba diving mermaid,
Kim Tae Hee und Kim Yu Na,
many Dokdos’,
pictures of drugs,
pictures of me,
and maybe the one I love!

What you will hear:
Recordings of fast cars, of love, and rape,
the chants of monks,
the water of the sea,
the voices of my friends,
the sound of pouring beer and rain,
a Roland 707,
a shaking Japanese,
a wonderful after-hour with Cindy Sizer DJ Team.” (artist statement)

an opening performance directed and based on concepts by
tilman porschuetz and kara van.

performers and musicians:
jisuk ahn as emile,
kyu hee baik (knocksteady)
takahito irie (hana hanako, shalom salon),
benjamin domrich (dj team, shalom salon),
philipp schoepfer (45kilo, cindy sizer, shalom salon),
E (lee, hyunjoon) (EE, ninano schneider, foundation),
lenny correa (space beam A.I.R.)

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