Remember the korean T-artist soo who had a exhibition before in seoul. you can find an previous entry on the PLATOON blog.
So here we go! he organized a Puma shoe exhibition last weekend in apgujeong-dong, Gang nam area. also jiwon baik, our interior designer and architect from the Korean side, exhibited a piece there too hehehe^^.

this is T-artist soo's work.

Anna ~~this is for you ...we all thought you will be interested.^^

taraaaa~~~it's from our architect jiwon, yeah~~!!

PLATOON!!! wherever we are - so coooooooool~~~~i love it so~~~hhhhhh.

looks good on him yeah?

it was a very cheap arrangement for drinks all know how we drinking?#$%*^^.(in the end we had to get beer ourselves)...but we had good time and enjoyed.^^
here is more art work^^.
danke dir~~!!!