We started the preparations for the night few days before, setting our classic white boxes and modular furniture in the space. Unsurprisingly, it fitted perfectly in every corner. Walls, chairs, bar, scenario all of it was tailored for the space thanks to our dedicated team of builders and tech experts. The result is a very functional set up: cozy and clever.
The night was accompanied by a selection of local Mexican artists who made us dance till we don't know when really...We started with OLY, an emerging producer from the outskirts of the city, her set was a complete delight and then we continued straight away with Practice, a Mexican producer represented by the avant-garde Mexico City label and collective ENSAMBLE. He was in charge of covering the night with darkness for the celebration with a live act.
The highlight of the night was the PLATOON Special Edition beer by Cerveza Buscapleitos, made out of ginger and completely natural ingredients. Another guest behind the bar was Mezcal ★ ★ ★ ★ ★, and the special drink they offered was the mezcal ENSAMBLE. In combination with all elements was a great start.
It was great to see so many members of the alliance again.

At our new project space we will follow up on projects we encountered during our first meet.

The two floor gallery ideal for co-working, open for experimentation and with a strong spirit of interaction among several creative scenes presented within the Año Dual Alemania-México and beyond. Come to visit us and help us to connect the Mexican and German creative scenes in a international discourse through The Global Creative Alliance.

Within the past six months, a 120 new members have been recruited into Platoon’s network, more than 10,000 new Mexican friends on Facebook have joined us. German creatives will be connected with their correspectives in Mexico and viceversa.

All this meetings, talks and fusions change the world of men and women who are involved in it. Inspirations are shared, an exchange of passion, plans are forged. Within the next years, certain sustainable relations are emerging, from which future projects will be developed. And maybe some of them will change societies towards a sustainable future.

Photos by Hannah Quevedo Photography and Jesus León 
Text Masumi Rioja