what a great start of the PLATOON summer!
we had a very chilled day last saturday for the opening of the Cracking the City exhibition.
we´d like to thank all of you who came and hope you enjoyed the event as much as we did.

for those who missed it, here is a short report.
during the day we hosted two small 'cracks' presented in a site-specific manner. the collective repairberlin, a group of activists, artists, architects and scientists presented their series of urban intervention consisting in parking a symbolic park on a carpark in front of our headquarters. the action itself is part of a worldwide movement Park(ing) day established by rebar, an art and design collective from San Francisco. expect to see more of their spontaneous interventions during this summer.

in the afternoon we also presented two very special guest, the discouraging duo blue&joy. who performed on top of our container, showing us tiny line between happines and sadness.

the exhibition will run till 25th of july and is open Mon-Fri 11-20h. feel free to pass by and share your ''crack'' directly on the wall by pasting stickers.
and dont forget... every thursday from 9 pm our members are invited to join us at our PLATOON.BERLIN area. jette will offer her special drinks and music... and in order to keep your mind engaged with some quality entertainment we will surprise you every thursday with some special performances ;-)

stay tuned!