BERLIN · the CREATURE-CLUB workshop organized by Johanna #297 at Haus der Kulturen der Welt for the ueberlebenskunst series, was a great success!

when entering the lab, i was surpirsed to see about 10 grown-ups sawing and glueing feverishly all sorts of materials together, racing against time to finish their creatures before the final presentation.

once creatures are born they get presented on a microstage where they show off their skills and special features... in reality it all ended up in a great monster jam. at the end all creatures were given a certificate, a sort of pedegree which is added to a creatures catalogue. the best creatures will eventually be booked for film castings, photoshoots and fashion shows.

and i had the honor to present my very own creature:
ER BANDITO. i was also impressed by Kuc #3555 from paraartformations who created an hilarious one legged monster in about 20 min... perfect to practice microboxing!

it was nice to play with little monsters like back in the days, and i really appreciated the atmosphere and spirit of all the participants. my compliments go to the whole creature club crew. you did a great job!

we´ll keep you posted on creature-club vol. 9 ...
stay tuned !