MONTREAL · i really enjoyed the program at ELEKTRA 12. it was very well curated, and i was honestly inspired by several performances. although PLATOON is not only focused on digital arts, we definitely got an insight on how this scene reflects and represents an entire movement, how it is perceived locally and on an international level. and we didnt miss the occasion to recruit several Canadian artists.

Martin Messier, with his sawing machine orchestra was a highlight of the festival. Marc Langloise #5749, his artist agent, has a portfolio with several interesting digital artist with a performative twist. by interest, get in touch with him!

Tasman Richardson #5758, a very talented video artist and composer based in Toronto... his performance was truly awesome!

or the Tiller Girls by Louis-Philippe Demers, an ensemble of 12 robotic dancers, shaking their screws to the rythm of 1920´s swing!

Steve Daniels
#5761, with his motion tracking cyber-flowers reacting to the slightest movements of your shadow.

i got completely lost during the FEED performance by Kurt Hentschläger... when suddenly an absurd amount of fog was pumped into the room with a stroboscopic lightshow, which reminded me to those moments when i was on the verge of passing out!

among others, i really enjoyed the EUPHORIE performance by 1024 ARCHITECTURE, focusing on the interaction of body, space, sound and vision, within the framework of digital architecture. i heard that for some experts it was a bit too entertaining but i found the low-tech expedient with 4 transparent screens very effective and it actually was a buzzing experience...

check out the program and some pics on Flickr, there are many more artists to discover!

next year think about ELEKTRA MONTREAL - it is worth all the way!