a rich entertainment program besides the great movie attracted even more people. PLATOON KUNSTHALLE was so crowded that we had to use our stock chairs of the last football world championship as well.

the movie was followed by a q&a session with director BENSON LEE R16 battle organizer CHARLIE SHIN and the audience got the possibility to get a lot of interesting insight of the current situation of the korean bboy scene on seoul.

BENSON LEE recently has started his new and promising OBANGSAEK project which promotes and focuses on korean art and culture. knowing this background, planet bboy almost appears like a preamble to his new project.

but this event was far from over! after the q&a session two dance performance groups showed their rhythm skills in front of a fascinated audience.

the b-boy battle was started by the three jury members who introduced themselves with a short breakdance performance.
now the official part of the battle started. the dance floor was surrounded by the audience and the bboys started to compete with each other in a one on one battle.

they were spinning around and doing awesome moves to the music, it almost looked like they were cheating on physics!

the battle continued in kind of ko system way and after 5 exciting battles b-boy joe conviced the jury the most and was selected as winner.