on oct 22, PLATOON KUNSTHALLE held the showcase reboot vol. 6. garoo, seo goun, oh suk kuhn, and saving popculture presented their works at the galleries and had a chance to receive feedbacks in various formats; face-to-face conversations, written words, and little drawings on papers. it was also a nice gathering among artists currently exhibiting and ones from past showcases.

piled up modeled faces wrapped up in plastic wraps and styrofoam containers portray garoo's perspective on consumer behavior in capitalistic societies. piled up objects displayed directly speak to people about awareness of over-consuming.

seo goun received many questions related to the concept of the work. she said that she wanted to express and grieve over things that exist between boundaries; between life and death, between reality and surrealism. she also wants her works to be considered as modern surrealistic art rather than just surrealism that has been existed.

curious udo asking questions to seo goun.

oh suk kuhn discovered a witty way of approaching to most stereotypical characters in korean textbooks; chulsoo and younghee. the artist relates these characters to his childhood memories such as hiding inside closet, becoming curious about sex, and jumping down from the rooftop wearing superman outfit. people had elfin smiles when looking at his work.

saving pop culture took credit for making music video being accepted as a form of art at oberhausen. individuals took their time to really observe fresh collaboration of sound and images.