the exhibition took place on aug.5. half the hall of PLATOON KUNSTHALLE was totally changed with long ivory curtains. we were also surprised how our place could change with this new atmosphere. everybody was very impressed!

CHINCHIN made separate space with sliped down curtains. the atmosphere gave people a very unusual feeling, special, even romantic somehow. inside the curtain chinchin presented her three beautiful and surreal paintings. and projected on the right side wall people could read the poem tom wrote. and suddenly some scary ghosts run out from the screen. It makes people are faced with gruesome moment enough.

CHINCHIN displayed the video which she recorded, forest with crows in jeju island. people couldn’t imagine that the forest is in korea. cuz the images are very exotic and mysterious.

many unexpected people came to opening also, the night was very crowded and lively, fascinating. in addition we invited some ghosts so maybe some people could see or talk with them. 

you can see her another drawings and paintings in the showcases too. exhibition will continue until 14th. aug. it’s not late yet to see this bizarre art world.

CHINCHIN’s catalogs are ready now at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE. don’t forget to pick up and look more deeply into her artworks.