RIDDLE is a dance performance by Morgan Belenguer and Melanie Lane in collaboration with filmmaker Eva S.Aridjis. It is a creation inspired by themes such as taxidermy, black and white film, fragility,zen,searching, transformation and preservation.
Eva S. Aridjis’s film “Taxidermy – the art of imitating life” visits the world of short black and white video excerpts of a taxidermy workshop in texas during the 80’s while Morgan and Melanie go through a physical journey that moulds, transforms and breaks force using objects such as glass, clay and a mysterious fox.

The soundtrack consists of artists such as John Cage, Bach and Kach Jiyean Gayageum (a contemporary Korean composer) all of whom resonate zen-like ambience in diverse tones. Whereas tracks from electronic music artists Otto von Schirach and Errorsmith bring a driving force in contrast. RIDDLE rides on the border between fantasy and reality, provoking an emotional yet abstract journey, questioning ones perception of time, space and situation, constructing in end effect…an unanswered riddle.

The performance will be presented on the of August at DOCK 11 (Kastanienalle 79) and will start at 21:00.

Everyone is welcome to come around…and try to solve the RIDDLE!