ROME · as we already mentioned few months ago, PLATOON KUNSTHALLE is being featured in the exhibition: RE-CYCLE strategies for architecture, city and planet - as an example of recycling, mobility and container architecture.

we are glad of having being included in the book about the exhibition published by Electa and Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI Secolo.

If you happen to be in Rome, you still have time to see the actual exhibition, which runs at MAXXI until the 26th of april, so if you are close, don´t miss it.

the book is all about drawings, photographs, writings and other materials composing a contemporary map of recycling, devoted to exemplary projects that involve the recycling of architecture, cities and landscapes together with works by artists, photographers and media producers, we´ve once again been featured in the container architecture section, although you all know that’s not the only thing we do.

however the use of the containers really has been lifted to a higher level, the containers persists in contemporary experimentation as an itinerant object, as a global nomadic space, they are turned into a component that can be assembled and adapted as a single space or a series of spaces, its manufacture, transportation and assembly fulfills the demand of a market searching for low cost solutions. examples listed in the book are testimony on how containers set a whole new architectural rules, as a mobile and advantageous and economical object.other examples of container architecture mentioned in the catalogue are: sky is the limit, sjakket youth centre ,Container House ( Killer House ) , Freitag Flagship Store Zurich, Cruise Centre , Sanlitun South and Qubic Amsterdam.

 we also enjoyed very much other projects escaping the container theme, for instance the series of workshops and urban interventions led by Raumlabor Berlin, a Berllin based architectual and urban planning collective, which definitely left an impact behind. one of the workshops is Officina roma, an experimental building practice made all out of trash and recycled materials, build within an one week long workshop with 24 high school students from all over italy.

the building is composed as a collage, a  kitchen entirely build out of old bottles, the sleeping room with walls from used car doors, the workshop using wooden windows and old furniture and the main roof set from old oil barrels and used dry wall profiles... wicked !

also check and get daily updates on the exhibition here