a few days ago, i read an interesting article in a geman daily newspaper.

sonnet ehlers, a woman from South Africa, presents the first anti-rape condom of the world : Rape-aXe.

it´s a female condom, with 12 insides barbed hooks who bore it in the penis of the raper -only can removed by surgery.

so, the idea of sonnet ehlers, is bringing the raper to justice -this happens not often in the homeland of the innovator. South Africa has one of the highest rates of rapes in the world.

this october she using to launch the product in kimberley, a small town in South Africa. it´s exactly the town, because of a saying of a raped girl 40 years ago: i wish, i could have teeth down there.

this rubber is a wonderful idea against rape. but myself has a little doubt. it´s safety for the women. but what if the raper realize it -he is already in an act of violence and then he has the woman in front....