SEOUL · on tuesday, june 7th, there was the artist talk by OCTAMIN (hyungmin lee). at last but certainly not least, OCTAMIN moved into studio A at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE and made the new series of artist lab members complete. the atmosphere of his artist talk was not stiff at all, but nice and warm with his sense of humor. he used to work with LUMPENS and participated in the first salon revolutionar, V.A.J.P. (visual art jam performance) here in march. at that time, numerous people were impressed by the new kind of concerts, which mixed visual artwork with different artistic genres, such as contemporary dance, djing or live music.

at the artist talk, he started with his explanation how he named himself as OCTAMIN. 'OCTA' comes from the word 'oxygen' and ''MIN' is from his korean name, hyungmin. by combing those two words together, he intended 'octamin' to resemble some kind of chemical or toxic drug name, which provides the sense of fresh air as well as the feeling of an addiction.

OCTAMIN said that his main goal for the next 6 months is coming out with some groundbreaking artworks, which knock people out immediately and let them scream out some exclamations, which go like 'holy moly!' or even more. as a matter of fact, his marvelous previous works, which he introduced at the artist talk, were enough to make us to believe that he will be able to back up his words. he has done a number of exhibitions in many places, like barcelona, toulouse, seoul and others.

after showing his preview works, he presented some videos which have inspired and helped him to set forth his future project and direction. they were good guidelines for us to understand his taste and the directions that he is now focusing on. although his concept and content for his future work are not conclusively decided, he is thinking of creating some interactive installations which involve viewers' voluntary (or even involuntary) participation. he is interested in changing the perception of space by using some veiled tools, including kinect sensors and projectors. his project will most definitely be very enjoyable and they are expected to accompany some surrealistic experience for us.

the reason why he decided to join the PLATOON as a artist lab member was pretty much from his expectation that he will be able to collaborate with the people from many different fields and produce some synergy effects together in this multipurpose environment. therefore, your continuing interest, comment and participation will be very appreciated as key elements for him to start and develop his new ego, OCTAMIN. it is not difficult to find him. just stop by studio A at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE and have a little chat with this humorous artist!