SEOUL · last saturday, may 28th, there was the ATTENTION DJ SEMINAR VOL.6, joined efforts of clubdj, housebug and PLATOON. the seminar is growing up every year with more participants and without losing the attitude of 'each one teach one.' a great number of people from different backgrounds came all the way to attend lectures for learning about more aspects of djing. the lectures were full of solid contents, including information about the latest dj equipments, artistic vision of djing and the fields of post production as well as promoting.

'how to dj' is a common question voiced by both beginners and experts. travice's accumulation of experience and knowledge as a dj truly shined and the attendees were able to get the feeling of how to dj.

kidb presented us brief knowledge about 'dj history in korea from 1990 to present.' it was an introductory lecture not only for learning about basic dj history but also for getting a sense of some dilemmas that the entire korea dj scene is now facing.

making an attempt to new dj equipments is a great pleasure for everyone. whenever there is a break in between lectures, people gathered around them like clouds with each different idea.

baggagee's lecture was called 'gear explorer.' he introduced us dj mixers and some other equipments. of course, early adapting djs were pricking their ears not to miss anything new.

j path had a lecture on genre of music, especially drum and bass, which was characterized by fast breakbeats. also for djs and beatmakers, who often reach a deadlock of drum and bass, he demonstrated the Importance of drum and bassline elements by playing several tracks of them.

lectures were held at both the main hall on the first floor and the think thank on the third floor at the same time. at the think thank, there seemed to be a lot of excitement of learning how to produce music by using softwares like logic, ableton live and reason. soolee's lecture was quite substantial. he taught us how to produce music with ableton live and shared newly updated info. with us.

manabu kitabori, japanese club manager and akimoto tomomi, japanese dj infused fresh atmosphere by explaining about the past and now of japan club scene. their lectures were priceless, since female djs are few and far between and it is not easy to hear about foreign situation.

a panel of professional djs, incluing our PLATOON member udo, exchanged their views on the korean underground scene. the deterioration of underground scene was the main topic and they pulled out original and sharp opinions about it.

huge shout outs go to all the 'professors,' staffs and participants! let's look forward to attention dj seminar vol.7!