SEOUL · people these days don't read books. this alarm paved the way for a special event about books. we presented BOOK.ING on july 16th. as the title of this event connotes, the act of reading was in the present progressive form for the participants.

the idea was quite simple. we announced the topic several days in advance and the participants brought matching books. the topic was "streetscape" and they brought a wide variety in genres from a korean full-length novel to "decoded" written by jay-z.

each book was introduced briefly while eating and drinking together. it was not a formal book conference, but a world of imagination, fantasy, reflection, passion and so on. although it was the first time we met, we were not afraid of throwing out ideas and sharing experience with each other. BOOK.ING was a social party with healthy thoughts in the end.

on august 20th, we will present this monthly informal book event again. the topic is "escape." if you are looking for an exit from your everyday life, BOOK.ING will hit the spot on the wet days of summer. let's meet up to chill out and talk over some books.