SEOUL · another year has gone by and CUT&PASTE has returned. after having a successful digital design tournament for the first time last year in SEOUL, the second tournament took place on DECEMBER 10 at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE.

after 2 qualifier rounds in november, 16 challenging designers were picked to compete, including some familiar faces: SOONKYU JANG (2010 2D CHAMPION) and SUBONG PARK (2010 2D PARTICIPANT) — if you were at the tournament in 2010.

the design feast wasn't only a stage for the designers. GROLSCH & ADOBE's audience design contests were open to anyone interested in designing and winning fun prizes.

this year's SHOW&TELL featured GRAFFITI RESEARCH LAB (GRL), SUE LEE (editor in chief at 3D ARTISAN MAGAZINE), and SEONGGON PARK (COM2US). after the presentation, SEUNGHYUN CHOI, development manager from ADOBE KOREA showed the features of ADOBE iPAD application and entertained the crowd with his witty comments.

as soon as the he stepped down from the stage, the main competition was opened by MC KIRIN, supported by DJ UDO LEE. each round took place and captivated the attention of the audience with the contestants' skills. after all the live battling, champions were announced for the global championship in NYC in 2012: GISEOK CHO (2D), MOONJUNG JANG (3D) and SUJIN YANG (motion design) with grand excitement!

this year's 2D competition was quite intense. with the starting bell for the 2D round, GISEOK CHO was accompanied by his friend on stage. his friend did an eye-catching dance performance for the crowd until GISEOK CHO started putting on make-up on his friend's face with a black pen. he then took a photo of the face using it as foundation his graphic design. despite of all the original pieces by other designers, GISEOK CHO grabbed the ticket to go to NYC after applying his impressive design asset to his artwork.

with new design talents emerging every year, our expectations are getting higher. click HERE to get to know more about CUT&PASTE SEOUL 2011. find out HERE to see if it's happening in your town and get involved. also, keep an eye on the NYC GLOBAL CHAMPIONSHIP in 2012!

CUT&PASTE is coming to Berlin on FEB 2, 2012. the second qualifying round is going on now, so get your applications to compete in before JAN 8!!!