SEOUL · last thursday, june 23rd, we had our first official 'FRIENDS OF KUNSTHALLE' night. many of our close supporters graced our venue with their presence on a summer starry night. we had honest heart-to-heart talks with our trustworthy friends and rediscovered the reinforcements around us.

PLATOON KUNSTHALLE has invested all its energy to support and develop culture in seoul and korea for more than 2 years. without their help and energy, it would have been impossible for us to follow our missions and achieve such cultural accomplishments.

at the first come-together, the relaxed atmosphere with food and drinks helped us to have extended conversations about our past and future. our good and old friends, including mrs. KIM SOO-KYUNG, LEE SANGBONG and KANG SANE, truly gave us a very warm hearted feeling throughout the conversation. it was our great pleasure to stay with them until late.

tom, christoph and udo had presentations about the history of PLATOON KUNSTHALLE and the directions where it is heading towards. we must express our heartfelt thanks to our friends who not only were good listeners, but also infused lively energy into it.

we are going to have FRIENDS OF KUNSTHALLE regulary from now on, to share our experiences, enjoy culture and update each other what is going on at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE.

be a part of the adventure of PLATOON KUNSTHALLE! also, feel free to invite your friends if they also want to support as FRIENDS OF KUNSTHALLE. tom, christoph & the PLATOON KUNSTHALLE team will look forward to seeing you all again.