INK BOMB 2011 took place on may 20th and 21st. INK BOMB indeed dropped bombs in seoul city where you can't find much information about tattoo, yet many victims of prejudice against it.

tattoo manias from all over the country came to the second tattoo convention, lead by korean tattoo artist sunrat. it is getting bigger every year with more international tattoo artists from korea, japan, and the u.s.a. the range of styles got even wider this time.

sabado was one of the most talented japanese tattoo artists we were honored to have, well known for his freehand style

INK BOMB was second to none in tattooing, fully equipped with the newest tattoo equipments as well as comfortable seats. also, the tattoo atmosphere was extended from the first floor to the third with the numerous unique booths spread.

tattoo is all about trust. first, people were brave enough to get tattooed for their beliefs and second, they fully trusted their masters.

along with the body painting, the live painting was really valuable time for us to taste the artistic vision of tattoo. slacklining performance by reebok was a magnificent spectacle!

flat out, kingston rudieska and the rock tigers blew our mind with their funk, authentic ska and rock 'n' roll music! their live performances were the highlights which infused so much energy into INK BOMB.

a cutthroat tattoo contest was the grand finale of the evening and INK BOMB 2011. let's give a big shout out to all the staffs, artists and the people who participated in this huge event.