SEOUL · Seoul Urban art Project (SUP) is a contemporary movement with self motivated artists melting together different media. group is made up of 16 various artists - street & graffiti artists, painters, illustrators, film makers and photographers.

also three PLATOON members are a part of the group - painter Jazoo Yang #5398, street artist JunkHouse #3740 (also resident of Kunsthalle Seoul artist lab) and sound artist & DJ Soo Lee #3785. several other SUP members have been also active at Super Color Super Sketch events in PLATOON Kunsthalle Seoul.

SUP's purpose is to escape limited workspaces and galleries and their motto is "real art in the real streets". that's why a lot of their work occurs also on demolished areas like the Ahyeon-dong redevelopment zone in western Seoul. 

the collaboration between artists started in december 2011 and few weeks ago they have released their first episode "A Hyun Dong". in a interview for Art & Seoul magazine artist Jamie Bruno described one of their locations: "the church was a strange location, crosses, pews, huge photo albums and donation records: all discarded and abandoned. we worked there through winter and mostly on Sundays due to the larger police presence during the week."