SEOUL · thu 25 march 2010 7pm.
four new artist will present their works in the showcases.

hez comes from a street art background. his installation "facade" deals with the relation between his past activities as a street artist and his new working environment in an interior design office.

johannes p osterhoff is an interface artist, whose works explore users' and companies' communication with popular operating systems. for "7 windows" he dug deeply in windows 7's system folders and presents his findings.

son min chul is a painter whose works deal with the double-faced nature of religion and wars motivated by religion. the sexual and violent images provoked heated discussions at former exhibtions.

vakki's approaches visual motives of korean pop-culture in a unique way. "making images" is an investigation of confrontational relation between the production and reception of such cultural visual icons.

special sound performance by ivo bol:

ivo bol is an audio artist from the netherlands who works with theatre makers, choreographers, filmmakers and visual artists from all around the world. from computer programming, sound design, live performances up to sound installations ivo's work shows a wide range of audio art. more information: