Fidel Garcia is a cuban multimedia artist working at the intersection of Art, Science and Politics; questioning Complex Systems with a critical view on social reality and developing anonymous accessibility for digital freedom, against state control and corporate totalitarianism.
As a member of TGCA HAV chapter he is looking forward to collaborations, support and art residencies to bring his latest installation to Antartica.

'SOCIALIZATION' is a modular station with an encrypted server connected to the internet (via satellite). An autonomous system powered by solar energy with a software of communication going through the DeepWeb. 100 cm high x 200 cm wide x 300 cm long.

'Socialization' is a platform created for anonymous communication. It is aimed at creating a protected zone for social movements or individuals outside the system at global level.

'Socialization' has the purpose of reusing the original philosophy of the DeepWeb based on anonymity and freedom of communication and at the same time using the Antarctic Treaty status of December 1959, in which Antarctica is declared as a territory without nation or outside the frameworks of governability of any nation; the station is equipped with an encrypted server which allows anonymity, and prevents the intervention of any model of censorship, at the same time it is designed so that it leaves no trace inside the east and that the information transmitted or received remains on the screen only 1 min; for a matter of survival of the work itself will be designed using Antarctic prototypes and heated to withstand temperatures between - 0 to - 50 degrees Celsius, in addition to an autonomous system of solar energy.

This project is the third of three stages, based on conditioning the same phenomenon from three levels of Networks establishing an analogy between social behavior from the Individual, the Group and the Global and the penitentiary system.

1. PAN - Personal Area Network ('Prisionization' Project).
2. LAN - Local Area Network ('Resocialization' Project).
3. WAN - Wide Area Network ('Socialization' Project).

We invite the community of the DeepWeb to help us protect our platform by expelling or denouncing any person who makes use of it for such purposes as drug trafficking, weapons mugging or pedophilia.

All messages sent on this platform will self-destruct in one minute. All conversations are encrypted in Tor network.

The plan is to mount a server in Antarctica, which provides a service communication (onionmail and onionchat), functions as a point focal for the world anyone anywhere the world have access to it, the end is like riding tor another server but in Antarctica, eliminating the option to be removed which is what usually happens with Tor servers.

What is needed:
1. Satellite Equipment + Payment Satellite Internet service for one year
2. The insulation system for the station
3. The internal equipment of the station, the plan is to work on a
platform with rasberry Power Supply 5V2; 3A (the low power consumption
that have), there are now 4 but should be 10; 3 lithium batteries 75A;
24 Port Network.
4. Respect to software programmers must still integrate the rasberry platform and must develop two versions for Android and iOS.
5. Well then comes the issue of the transfer (which must travel with
the programmer plus a filmmaker / producer), plus the transfer of the

Due to the project complexity Fidel divided it in stages of development. It began in 2017 with the Residence Matadero Madrid - Artist X Artist - AECID (Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development), Madrid, ES (here he developed the software) and 2018 'Bodas de Oro, 1968-2018', Norwegian Embassy / Study Figueroa-Vives, Havana, CU (developed the station) .

The second part of the project was made in collaboration with the Norwegian embassy in Cuba to establish contacts with the Troll Station they have in Antarctica, This worked via the Norwegian Polar Institute; they sent pictures and more things to use for the exhibition in Cuba but to actually go there one has to apply a year in advance. So Fidel keeps digging to see if there are any other stations he can collaborate with. He plans not to stay longer than 2 weeks at the pole;, the installation does not take long to setup, and documents need only one day to be issued .

If you are a Cultural Institution, Patron or Facilitator interested to participate in the ”SOCIALIZATION” Antartica Mission please get in touch at