on tuesday (yesterday) we had our second meeting with the adidas-marketing-squat in asia-pacific: hisako esaki (director of communications) and marcus spurell (manager new media) gave us an extended presentation of an upcoming project which will be realized 2007 in hong kong, beijing and tokyo first. we were briefed about the goals and aims of this project. so we will make our thoughts and brainstorms during the next 10 days. when we come back to hong kong after seoul we will make a presentation to them. about our ideas concerning this project.

at night we met with gary chow (senior editor) and craig carl cheung from milk-magazine. it's they ONE street and lifestyle magazine in hong kong. they gave us a short but intensive overview in hong kong youth culture: shopping! millions of youngsters fly around thousands of small shops to find the newest and hippest snickers from japan.. incredible impression!

afterwards we had a real overwhelming dinner: hong kong hot pot! lots of different variations of different meat: watch the movie!

and stay tuned..