Celebrating science is generally agreed upon as a good way for societies to progress, but why should scientists get all the fun? That’s the question prompting Berlin’s STATE Festival, the brainchild of physicist Dr. Christian Rauch.

Within the format of a multiday festival incorporating screenings, exhibitions, performances, workshops, panels and real-life research, STATE brings together scientists and artists for an interdisciplinary approach to both examining the world in which we live and bringing new information to the public.

With its inaugural event — based on the theme of “time” — in October, 2014, STATE continues annually with an expanded edition in 2015 and smaller satellite events throughout the year. Further to its goals in permeating the boundaries between science and art, STATE also provides a platform for ongoing dialogue between all of its attendees.

Dovetailing with today’s stance towards access to information, this kind of philosophical openness is one of the surest ways to encourage the kind of wonder that will only result in more breakthroughs in either field.