STATTMEDIA is a one night concept event introducing the cutting-edge MEDIALAB project: the new ambitious plan of Cristiano Pixeldot and The Shaidon Effect in STATTBAD Wedding.

a stimulating fusion of music, multimedia design and live show using a sophisticated responsive motion tracking environment, giving the audience real-time interactive power to actively leave their mark on the night.

a 5 channels audio/video interactive trigger pads system give your feet unprecedented creative power.
and finally, a custom laser installation, designed for the breathtaking location that is STATTBAD, harmonizing the environment to the deep tech/electro sound.

the cherry on top of the cake is Peter Pixzel from WYS! / Fabric, London, joining the rest of the team to add his unique touch to the night.

curated be member George Ironside #5479

Fri 4th Feb 22:00
STATTBAD wedding