we felt it is the time for the update of our library. honney, udo, and june attended the book society opening event at korea design foundation located near kwanghwamoon. the book society is a project that supports small self-publishing units. the slogan is 'creating a new culture of publishing'.

there was an opening performance by a cellist on the road. the word 일방통행 means one-way traffic.

many interesting books and megazines were displayed. we purchased 'heavy metal (news) around the world'; a collection of heavy metal news letters published in korea, 'satelite d.i.y.'; sketches and manuals driven by personal future space program, 'welcome to post-toytopia sticky monster lab'; pictures of graphic designed characters in both 2d and 3d and a megazine that featured ohyun's work. you can find them all at the library now.

The event organizer talking about the program schedule.

little printed bags were also sold at the place.

the word 출판; publishing assembled by colored led lights.

the book society runs until november 5. for more detailed info, check out www.mediabus.org/tbs