The Future is Hybrid!
Tom Bueschemann short interview with battleROYAL about "Garden of Unity", our recent Corona-safe event concept we just presented at Platoon Seoul.

"It was a huge space and you could always keep social distance. Everything was touchless. People got white gloves for the handrail... And it looks like it worked well, because there is no Corona case that can be traced back to our event.

We had an App with QR code for registration so that in the case of a corona cluster, we could have immediately provided all the guests with information.

It’s a highlight for every embassy in every country, including here in Seoul. But this was as good as the only event in the world the Foreign Ministry approved.

At the event in Seoul, where the Corona situation is relatively low, we learned that an event can be touchless, open air and can allow safe access. It was a great test of how we might meet in the future".

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thank you Brendan Shelper the Symphony Of Now team and all of you who made this possible.

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