Here we are!!! GRAFT architecture and PLATOON got together for planning the huge project "KUNSTHALLE in seoul, korea"~~!!!
we (Chris, Gregor Hoheisel, Tom, Christoph and Jiwon) discussed for hours and hours about how we will build up 30 containers in the middle of the big future art area cheongdam dong.

playing with small sized containers .......

our KUNSTHALLE project will be launched in september along with the PLATOON project.
we got all excited about every small working step today. finally the very important step of design has been done – and the action will last for many days from now on!
we will keep on updating.......sooooooo do not turn your eyes off of us! you might miss something big yo! yo!yo~~!^^.


OUR ROOF TOP-lovely terrace^^*

front of KUNSTHALLE!!!
Auf Wiedersehen~!