The Rabbit Hole Unique Residency Program: Naples, Italy April 20 - May 4, 2020

the rabbit hole” collective presents “the art of remembering” ; in its first global residency program in collaboration with Fondazione Morra, Naples. 7 applicants will be selected to spend 14 days at the artist residence of Fondazione Morra and Museum Hermann Nitsch, in the heart of Naples, exploring “the art of remembering.”

We are particularly interested in those applicants with a keen interest in voyaging, journeys, ports and waterways; as well as in ancient symbols, scripts and codes through mediums such as poetry, theatre, sound, mathematics and performance to apply.

Artists will have the chance to explore the subject on their own, in a contemplative and inspiring environment, as well as collaborate and celebrate a meeting of the minds.

As part of the program, artists will get to know Naples’ creative scenes – curated by Fondazione Morra, encounter some of the city’s personalities, and immerse in the waves of the city and the surrounding seas.


Each artist will interrogate the subject of "remembering" immersing in The Rabbit Hole MethodTM, a process of inquiry that extracts and distills from contemporary artistic practices, philosophy, mysticism, mathematics, and dance.

Under careful advisory from Georgetown University and the MIT Senselab, the program bases its principles on deconstruction and the reinvention of rituals and forms. We also work with Teatro de los Sentidos, based in Barcelona, an immersive theatre company that creates experiences deconstructing what has become our presupposed sensory mapping, and instead discovering the magical silver thread that presents itself, if one is open to “remembering”.

The rabbit hole seeks to stimulate new ideas about the self and the other and to challenge culturally constructed limits and borders.

Artists’ expectations:

Each artist will be required to develop an answer to "the art of remembering" which will later be presented at Museum Hermann Nitsch.

Living and working environment:

Artists will live in the artist residency of Fondazione Morra and work in the Hermann Nitsch Museum. They will experience playful workshops created by the rabbit hole; a program immersing in the city of Naples curated by Fondazione Morra.

The residency space is a luxurious, newly renovated living quarter in the heart of Naples, with an open kitchen for collaborative meals, and playground to hold salons.

The workspace, Hermann Nitsch Museum, lies at the epicenter of cultural activity in Naples. All laboratories and creative processes will take place in the museum space.

A final event at the end of the residency will invite locals to meet the artists, introduce the methodology and involve local artistic communities through sensory immersion and play.

About the rabbit hole:

Founded in New York in 2008, the rabbit hole is an international collective and residency program numbering 2200+ handpicked members from 56 countries.

The rabbit hole began as an imaginary space. Since, it has propagated various platforms such as live theater happenings around the world, a philosophical think tank for thought ideation, and documentary film.

Underneath a foundation of festivity and a celebration of disruption, the rabbit hole has created provocative participatory shows at the Chelsea Art Museum, a time traveling double decker bus in New York City, a catamaran in the Mediterranean and a 21 day train journey across Europe and the Middle East, among others venues.

About Fondazione Morra:

Fondazione Morra, considered the epicentre of cultural investigation in Italy, includes Casa Morra Archivio d’Arte Contemporanea, Associazione Shozo Shimamoto, Vigna San Martino and Museum Hermann Nitsch, as part of their portfolio of cultural spaces in Naples. The foundation, whose artistic and cultural raison d’être is “art for the sake of research and knowledge” is fascinated by the subversive potential of the avantgarde. It has hosted artists such as Hermann Nitsch, Marina Abramovic, Bob Watts and Peter Kubelka. The foundation has officially invited the rabbit hole to create the residency program with them.

Grants available:

We are happy to assist artists seeking grants or other forms of funding from their home country/institution by providing letters of recommendation when the candidate is accepted.

Who can apply:

With only 7 spaces to offer for this residency, we will be selecting candidates for both their artistic merit, passion in the subject, as well as how each contributes to an overall group synergy.

The artist-in-residence candidates will be selected via an open call application process, as well as by invitation.

Artists, curators, writers, composers, poets, researchers, musicians, performers, from all backgrounds are invited to the open call.

To apply, send the following to

– a statement about the project you wish to work on in relation to “the art of remembering”(approx 400 words)
– a response to the question on our website (approx 400 words)
– your bio
– your website​

Deadline: January 20, 2020

Residency period: April 20 – May 4, 2020

The question:

Please read the following poem, and answer the question: What is it that connects us? A memory?

Full details: