an old mixtape was the initial source of inspiration for this musical project. punk, jazz, hip hop and electronica have all been dubbed on to this tape, only to be recorded over again with an entirely different music genre.

the axis through which this styleclash is linked is hip hop. not hip hop in the conventional sense though, more the boundaries on hip hop crossing over into electronica, post rock and idm. being also the producer of berlin band jahcoozi, robot koch has gained a lot of expericence when it comes to clashing genres. john peel played their hit single “FISH” several times on his show. they played live shows alongside with aphex twin and airborne audio.

for his album „auto reverse“ robot koch joined forces with emcee RQM to take hip hop to the next level.
If any emcee could fluidly move between different musical genres and sound hott - it would have to be
RQM:: recognize the quest is mental. writer, spoken word artist emcee. the voice of al haca, also featured on the tape, jahcoozi, i-wolf, stereotyp, tolcha, stefan rogall, innocent sorcerors, atom hockey etc. currently working on the follow up self titled al haca record!!!